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Open 4 Business

"I was so impressed with how simple it was to get the Open 4 Business portal up and running. Idox did everything, all that was left for me to do was get a hyperlink copied and pasted on the relevant parts of our site."

Ben Hooson, Corporate Project Officer (Economic Development), Huntingdonshire District Council

"Open 4 Business is an important resource for our local businesses, large and small. The comprehensive and easy to search funding database gives them access to a range of funding options to help them grow their ventures.

"We value the Open 4 Business service highly. There is no comparable service that offers its range and quality."

Margaret Danbury, Senior Strategic Funds Officer, City of Bradford MDC

"Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council has used Open 4 Business and Open 4 Community for a number of years. As a local authority, our residents and businesses contact us regularly for funding and support. Our Open 4 portals allow them to seek funding and support as required, specifically relating to their area of business and/or community need. Our case studies show how businesses and residents are benefiting from the funding opportunities they have identified through the portals and statistics."

Lavinia Ferguson, Project Manager – Employment and Skills, Tameside MBC


Open 4 Community

"Edinburgh Libraries have been a client of Idox for six years now. The Open 4 Community solution was streets ahead of the other products in this market from the outset and Idox has been brilliant at making bespoke changes to our site, quickly and at no cost. Technically the system is very robust; we have never experienced any downtime which is fantastic.

"The portal is super easy to use, which is perfect for our user group, many of whom have no experience of searching databases. Users are delighted with the speed in which they are presented with an array of possible funding sources. The ability to save searches and be emailed new sources of funding automatically is particularly appreciated. We attend several 'Meet the Funder' events each year and it is lovely to have people we have spoken to at a previous event come up and tell us that they have got funding because of Edinburgh 4 Community.

We were thrilled recently to find out that a survey of Edinburgh 4 Community users had revealed that the respondents had raised over £250,000 of funding and those were just the small number that had replied! It was heartening to see the amount of people who had raised in the tens of thousands for their organisation and validated what a valuable service to our community Edinburgh 4 Community is.

As someone who manages over 50 online resources, I wish all companies were as professional and responsive as Idox and all products as intuitive and reliable as Edinburgh 4 Community; I would recommend them to anyone."

Susan Varga, Service Development Leader – Online Services, Edinburgh City Libraries, City of Edinburgh Council

"Our communities have greatly benefited from Idox's comprehensive funding information services. In a 2014 survey of the local voluntary and community sector, we received responses from local groups which indicated that in excess of £230,000 funding had been secured through our Open 4 Community platform (Hull 4 Funding). In a follow-up survey in 2015, responses indicated £130,000 of funding was secured. This assures us that our decision to invest in the service since 2012 has been worthwhile.

Our user numbers have grown considerably over the past 12 months, with increasing numbers of local community organisations exploring the funding opportunities available. As the evidence continues to highlight the tangible funding results in our local area, we believe that Open 4 Community is an invaluable and cost effective way of providing much-needed support to Hull's local groups."

Hull City Council

"Dundee City Council has been a subscriber of Idox's services since 2011 and enjoys clear benefits from access to the suite of comprehensive funding solutions. In particular, Open 4 Community provides an invaluable service to support our funding remit, offering the content and tools we need to provide an efficient service to the voluntary and community sector in the Dundee area, in one intuitive place.

"Recent user polling has suggested that users – of which there have been over 800 – have successfully secured funding from sources identified through the Funding 4 Dundee portal."

Rory Young, Team Leader (Policy and Funding), Dundee City Council

"Open 4 Community enables us to extend our offer of support to the local voluntary and community sector in Leicester and Leicestershire. It enables community groups to access comprehensive funding information via our own website at a time and location to suit them. It is also a valuable tool in identifying support and advice available to develop their services.

"Our contact at Idox has always been supportive of our needs and responded quickly and efficiently to all our enquiries and requests."

Simon Jenner, Group Support Manager, Voluntary Action Leicestershire

"Open 4 Community has enabled BVSC to offer comprehensive and easily accessible funding advice and opportunities to the sizeable and diverse voluntary and community sector in Birmingham. At a time of economic uncertainty this has been an incredibly valuable tool.

"Over the past 12 months we have seen a significant increase in the number of organisations exploring funding opportunities through Open 4 Community.

"The monthly data reports have proved incredibly useful and have been utilised to support our reporting against various contracts.

"Idox have provided a consistently high level of customer service, responding to all queries and requests for support in a timely and professional fashion."

Ian Angus, Business and Enterprise Programmes Manager, BVSC

"In 2011 we purchased Open 4 Community to enable residents and organisations to do their own funding searches and allow us to focus our time on more in-depth support and bid writing. This is a popular service amongst the local voluntary sector as responses to our 2012 VCS Survey demonstrate – over 30% of groups say they make use of the website. We have found this and the GRANTfinder service to be effective and easy to use and would recommend them to other local authorities."

Stephen Frost, Principal Community Investment Officer, LB of Hounslow

"The Buckinghamshire funding search web portal is a very beneficial resource for the voluntary and community groups operating in Buckinghamshire. It enables charitable / not-for-profit groups to search for funding opportunities both locally and nationally. We run monthly funding surgeries across the County where we offer free sustainability advice and support and the portal is a great support to this work. The portal also enables us to communicate community news and events to these groups.

"We have been using Open 4 Community since September 2013 when it was incorporated into our website: www.communityimpactbucks.org.uk. We have found the Idox staff to be extremely helpful and responsive in all areas. They supply us with monthly statistics on the site’s usage (funds searched for etc.), which provides us with valuable information with which to measure the site's effectiveness."

Diane Rutter, Services Director, Community Impact Bucks

"We have been using Open 4 Community and Open 4 Business for just over ten years. Each has been a valuable resource for our local businesses and voluntary, community and social enterprises in finding the funding they need to grow and develop and maintain their services to the local community. Both platforms are widely used by thousands of organisations across the Bradford District.

"The sites also support the Council's engagement with the private and VCSE sectors. The portals are highly valued too by our business advisers and community development and support workers as an important tool to aid their work as well as a vital source of funding opportunities for organisations they support."

Margaret Danbury, Senior Strategic Funds Officer, City of Bradford MDC


Hull 4 Funding

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Hull 4 Funding Case Study

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire

Read how one organisation is already benefiting from Open 4 Community.

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Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire Cover

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