Research Process

Providing you with such comprehensive coverage about funding opportunities is expert work.

Our information is continually updated and checked for accuracy by a team of specialist researchers. In total we have between 30 and 40 full time staff working on our funding and policy content at all times.

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Each team member brings a wealth of experience in terms of research and information analysis. Researchers are assigned roles that match their own key skills, for example, some of our Research Funding specialists have been involved in submitting their own research proposals.

You will have full access to a dedicated Customer Service Executive, who will ensure all the funds and information relevant to your platform is up to date and complete.

All our content is subject to a strict editorial process that ensures the information we provide you is consistent, accurate and relevant. We operate two parallel research processes:

  • Reactive – our research teams keep in touch with all relevant breaking news feeds, funders’ websites, press releases and latest policy documents. We are reactive to information published in news feeds, websites, document and policy releases, and on a weekly basis we track over 2,000 information sources.  In addition, we have developed an in-house tool, which enables us to track changes to thousands of source websites on a nightly basis.
  • Proactive – using various update cycles to ensure our data is up to date, we keep regular contact with a whole host of funding administrators and policy managers, councils, charitable trust funds and many other sources of information who we have built up a relationship of trust with over many years. Our excellent contacts ensure we get inside knowledge on new funding opportunities, which can be immediately added to our system and disseminated to our clients.

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