Community Funding Success Stories

Henfield Leisure Centre – Funding from Viridor

Viridor came to the rescue with a grant of over £20,000 when the men's changing room facilities at the Henfield Leisure Centre, West Sussex, became in dire need of a makeover.

A registered charity managed by the Henfield & District Sports Association, the Centre at Henfield village, north of Brighton, had no spare funds for the total refurbishment it required totaling £60,000. With the first donation the centre was able to carry out part of the work and has also received a further £10,000 from Viridor towards the ladies facilities.

The Henfield & District Sports Association obtained funds under Section D of the Landfill Tax Credit System (LTSC) that involves maintaining public buildings and amenities within 10 miles of a landfill site. Due to the fact that they have been unsuccessful in funding applications to the Peter Harrison Foundation and the Foundation for Sport & Arts, they have also applied to Biffaward under the same LTCS for the remaining £30,000 and are awaiting a decision.

For further information about project, contact Geoff Pratt via the Henfield Leisure Centre on 01273 494984.

Young People’s Fund – Outset Youth Action

Outset Youth Action is a West Sussex wide volunteering organisation for young people aged 13-25. It has operated in West Sussex for nearly 30 years supporting and encouraging young people to participate in community volunteering activities that assist their development and access to opportunities as well as meeting the needs of local communities.

For the past year Outset Youth Action has extended its age range to pilot a scheme with year 6 and year 7 pupils to encourage their participation in community volunteering. This pilot scheme, funded by the West Sussex Strategic Partnership enabled Outset to forge links between its existing work in secondary schools into the feeder schools to help support pupils during their transition in education. By introducing the concept of volunteering at a young age it is Outsets intention to encourage more young people to sustain positive community participation.

On 16th January 2006 Outset Youth Action had notification of their success in being awarded a grant for £96,610 from the Young Peoples Fund to enable them to develop the Junior Outset Programme for a further two years.

Outset will therefore develop its work in Littlehampton and Horsham Districts working with primary and secondary schools to encourage students to volunteer and become active citizens. Outset has a team of Youth Ambassadors who will act as Mentors to younger students to demonstrate how they themselves have benefited from the experience of volunteering.

Outsets Youth Ambassadors will work with Year 6 students to encourage them to consider the benefits of volunteering not only for their school but also for their surrounding community. The Ambassadors will also work with year 7 pupils and encourage them to volunteer their time to create videos, leaflets and activities that describe their own experience of education transition to help support the year 6 pupils. The Ambassadors themselves will benefit from this project by developing skills and knowledge to support their career development in such fields as teaching and childcare.

All young people who volunteer with Outset receive a Certificate of Recognition for the skills that they have developed through volunteering and the time that they have given to others. Young people aged 16-24 can sign up to Outsets Millennium Volunteers Programme and receive the nationally recognised Award of Excellence for participating in 200 hours of volunteering in 12 months.

For further in formation about Outsets work in West Sussex please contact Sally Sikora (Project Manager) - 
TEL: 01798 831153 

 Hull 4 Funding – Funding Success Story

Launched in January 2013, the Hull 4 Funding platform is funded by Hull City Council and powered by Idox.

As part of an exercise to obtain feedback on the funding portal, Hull City Council launched a survey in summer 2014, inviting responses from all users. Following an analysis of the responses, Hull City Council and Idox reported the following key findings:

  • 40% of the survey's 81 respondents had applied for funding from external sources following the identification of funding opportunities on the Hull 4 Funding platform.
  • A quarter of all respondents successfully secured funding as a direct result of using the platform.
  • The funding amounts received ranged from £500 to up to £70,000, with a collective total of a staggering £230,000 quoted in the survey responses.
  • A further 7% of respondents had applications pending as a result of opportunities identified through the platform.

As of summer 2014, the portal had over 650 registered users to the site, with new registrations growing month on month.

Councillor Darren Hale at Hull City Council commented on the results:

"The survey findings provide evidence that the Hull 4 Funding platform offers a valuable and worthwhile service to community groups in the Hull area. At a time of significant challenges in sourcing funding to achieve community goals, the Council is delighted to see that the portal enables local organisations to find alternative funding streams and provides a real return on investment.

Knowing that the tool has already helped to secure almost ¼ million pounds to community groups and local organisations, it provides us with the reassurance that we are doing all we can to ensure that our communities get their share of the overall UK funding pot."

Hull City Council thanks all those who responded to the Hull 4 Funding survey and actively seeks further feedback from its users. To continue to give any feedback on the site and inform the Council of any future funding successes, please contact Julie Edge, Partnership Officer, at

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