Key Features

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  • Advanced yet simple – an intuitive but easy-to-use funding search tool allows organisations and individuals to find out what funding is available to them by simply selecting from handy drop-down lists, such as what they want funding for or what type of group they are.
  • Interactive interface – alternatively, Open 4 Funding also incorporates an interactive browse tool that enables users to find funding by simply clicking on graphical icons, ensuring the portal is accessible whatever the user’s IT experience.
  • Complete and concise – search results are shown as a concise summary that can be sorted by various categories, such as funding body, application deadline or best match. Full information on relevant schemes is available at the click of a button, allowing users complete access to all-important details such as eligibility criteria, application forms, and who to contact.
  • Manage your information – funding search results and even specific schemes can be saved to a personal profile to set up email alerts that automatically inform users when similar schemes are added or updated.
  • Keep up to date – news articles are posted on a daily basis, keeping users informed about new grants, upcoming funds, approaching deadlines, and important policy announcements. They can also sign up to receive weekly newsletters packed with the latest and most relevant funding updates.
  • Customise content – afford staff members with the rights to publish content in mere minutes to advertise your own local initiatives and events, and provide tailored news coverage for your local area.
  • Professionally produced – users can create bespoke Microsoft Word reports from their own personal funding searches, giving them the opportunity to save the results for future reference.
  • Easily incorporated – Open 4 Funding portals can be adapted to match your own branding, logos and colour schemes, enabling it to be seamlessly integrated into existing websites and services.
  • Monitor impact – users gain access to the portal through a quick email-based registration process, enabling you to gain vital contact details that can be used to support future marketing campaigns and research. Detailed monthly statistical breakdowns are also provided, letting you know who is using the service and what information they are searching for.
  • Measure success – a new polling tool allows you to ask local users whether they have successfully applied for any funding, giving you the intelligence needed to prove the value of providing them with such funding information.

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